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Sustainable Property Operations Results Tracking

Sustainable Property Operations Results Tracking

The New York Hilton Midtown has taken progressive steps towards being a leader in Sustainability. For the past two years, the hotel has pursued a Smart Buildings program, that utilizes leading edge analytics to drive energy efficiency for the property. Energy conservation measures implemented as part of the program include:
• Scheduling AC units
• Damper fixes on AHUs 
• AHU Cooling and Heating Valve Fixes
• Controls Tuning on several AHUs
• LED lighting retrofits

This program has driven 5,208,270 kWh in electricity savings and 5,528,944 lbs in steam savings.
These savings are equivalent to avoiding:
• 7,917,613 lbs CO2e
• 756 Honda Civics and 8.55 million miles driven
• 404,115 gallons of gasoline
• 8,352 barrels of oil
And carbon sequestered by:
• 92,086 tree seedlings grown for 10 years 
• 1,028,240,000 sqft. of forest in 1 year

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