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Coat Check

Coat Check

Coat Check provided by Planetary Recreations, Inc.

Coat Check is located on the Second Floor Promenade

$5.50 per person based on the final guarantee or the number of guests attending
in excess of the final guarantee.

MINIMUM RATE PER ATTENDANT (1 Attendant per 125 pieces)

Up to 6 hrs:  $550.00

5-9 hrs:        $825.00

9-12 hrs:      $1,100.00

12-15 hrs:    $1,375.00

*Prices are as of March 30, 2018 and are subject to change.

• Minimum rates are quoted on the basis of one staffed checkroom attendant.

• Please calculate total duration of function including pre and post function.

Lounge Attendant Rate: $550.00 for the first 5 hour minimum (per attendant); $110.00 per man hour or part thereafter.
PLEASE NOTE: A "Late Request" Fee of $100.00 will be charged for orders or cancellations with less than 24 Hours notice.
A "Moving" Fee of $150.00 will be charged when the checkroom is required to move to a different location. 
Hosts who elect to have their guests pay individually are
responsible for the same minimum checkroom rates quoted above. Any cash
collected from individual guests is applied to the applicable minimum rate and
the difference, if any, added to the account.
For immediate assistance or questions, please contact:
(OFFICE) 212-757-0309 (or house ext. 5302)
(FAX) (212) 262-0867
(CELL) 917-414-4040

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